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Hi-Fi color for comics

Are you curious about how comic books are colored? Want to learn how to color comic artwork yourself? Want to get your hands on some cool comic book artwork to practice coloring? With Hi-Fi color for comics you now have the chance.WHAT WILL I LEARN?
Unleash your creativity with techniques and coloring secrets from the masters at Hi-Fi. You will learn:
Scan comic artwork and combining multiple scans into one large image.
New to computer coloring? You will learn how to use the tools and techniques needed to complete the tutorials in the book.
The included Hi-Fi scripts & actions simplify the technical aspects of coloring so you can achieve your full creative potential.
- Automated page set-up so you start coloring quickly
- Magically prep your page for special effects
- Push button color separations with trapping for professional results
Step-by-step tutorials show you how how to easily down images into flat color. You can even follow along with the provided comic book artwork.
Tutorials teaching you how to render backgrounds, exteriors and interiors, ground and sky... even vehicles, and figures using cut-n-grad and cut-brush techniques. You will learn how to Paint with light the Hi-Fi way.
Knockout color holds quickly using the included Hi-Fi actions and easy to learn techniques.
Make fire effects, flares, sparkles, glows, muzzle blasts, warp effects, and more. Learn how you can make effects once to use over and over again.
Need to convert to CMYK color for commercial printing? The included Hi-Fi scripts and color settings make it easier than ever.
Get advice about creating your portfolio, attending comic conventions, and submitting samples. Discover how the comic industry handles invoicing and payment. Learn the secret to getting started and making a great impression.

Packed with colorful illustrations and real world information, Hi-Fi color for comics gives you all the information you need to get started coloring. Inside you will find:
Each chapter features Step-by-step tutorials with full-color illustrations to guide you through each concept. To help ensuring your success you will also find a project at the end of each chapter. Complete all the tutorials and projects to unlock your creative genius.
Hi-Fi color for comics features artwork from such legends as John Byrne (Superman), Frank Quitely (X-Men), Joe Quesada (Spider Man), Dan Jurgens (Booster Gold), Joe Corroney (Star Wars & Star Trek) and many, many more.
Inside the book you will also find advice from comic professionals like Terry Moore, Shelly Bond, Joe Corroney, Gail Simone and a bonus chapter on breaking into the comics industry with input from industry pros.
•Keyboard shortcuts to speed-up and simplify tasks
•Power tips to make the most out of your creative effort
•Insider tips to help you make the leap from amateur to proWHAT’S ON THE BONUS CD?
•Hands-on projects to accompany each chapter. You will also find special Hi-Fi scripts and actions for Photoshop.
•Real comic book artwork to practice coloring,
•Custom brushes, color pallets, and color settings for Photoshop
•Hi-Fi helpers like pre-made painted skies, burst, and other special effects to help you start coloring from day-one
Learn the secret tips and techniques Hi-Fi has developed over the past ten years and use them to open up a whole new world of creativity. Order Hi-Fi color for comics today.
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Hi-Fi color for comics also available from book sellers and comic book shops world-wide and online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and many more.


Hi-Fi colour design and Brian Miller

Our research shows Hi-Fi colour design being founded in 1998 by Brian Miller with a mission to provide digital color, illustration, and other creative services to the comic book and entertainment industries. Since then Hi-Fi has collaborated with every major publisher, syndicate, toy company, and entertainment company worldwide.
With a ‘license to thrill’ Hi-Fi often works in deep cover behind the scenes on major licensed properties. They could tell you all about it but then they would have to kill you... damned confidentiality agreements make many projects ‘eyes only’ for the Hi-Fi ‘covert-ops’ team.
Publicly Hi-Fi are best known for their work in comic books with a major focus on digital coloring. The double-’o’ agents over at ComicBookDataBase couldn’t get anyone from Hi-Fi to give-up any info, even under the interrogation lights. These spies are compiling background checks on thousands of comic books every day and have uncovered the majority of Hi-Fi’s comic book assignments.
For a peak inside the Hi-Fi secret files take a gander at:
And for your eyes only, here is access to Brian Miller’s own hidden past and present operations:
Get over it big guy, it was bound to come out sooner or later. Chin-up old man and all that.